Start Here

So, you are new to Qi Gong? That’s wonderful! I am excited for you and your journey!

I would like to start with the basics. This video below talks about the fundamentals of Qi Gong, the history, and some of the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Please watch this video and feel free to revisit every now and then, to be reminded of the “basics.”

Once you have watched the video and memorized it (just kidding 🙂 ), then head over to the Qi Gong videos section, choose a video, put on some comfortable clothes, and start practicing! It’s that simple!

You will start to notice something. Whether it is an increase in energy, decrease in stress, or a reduction in pain, something will “shift.” Be patient, be mindful, and let the qi flow!

Once you start noticing a “shift” please tell me about it in the testimonial section. Even if it something small, I would love to hear about your experience, and more importantly, so would others! You can help people by simply telling your story!