Easy 10 Minute Qi Gong Routine

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This is another easy 10 minute qi gong routine that is easy to do anywhere you can move your hands around you! If you are working, this routine is easy to do at your desk. In fact, your feet hardly move! This is great for a mid day pick up, or if you are getting tight through your neck and back because of being on the computer all day.

Practice this routine if:

  • you are working at a desk┬ájob, or are sedentary all day
  • you have a tight neck
  • you have tight shoulders
  • you need a mid day pick up!

Hi I'm Jeff!

I am an Acupuncturist, and Qigong Instructor. I feel that Qigong is something that we all should practice because it is so simple and so effective to help us feel health and full of vitality! >Read more

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