Qi Gong for Warmth and Digestion

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This is a Qi Gong routine that is designed to help warm up your body, specifically the stomach to improve digestion. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the stomach plays an important role because it extracts all the nutrients from the food that we eat. If the stomach is weak, then your qi will become weak eventually. In this routine we focus on building the qi, then concentrating it into the stomach and the Dan Tian.

Practice this routine if you:

  • have weak or poor digestion
  • always feel cold
  • have a poor appetite
  • have an excessive appetite
  • have anemia, IBS, or colitis
  • tend to hold stress in the stomach

Hi I'm Jeff!

I am an Acupuncturist, and Qigong Instructor. I feel that Qigong is something that we all should practice because it is so simple and so effective to help us feel health and full of vitality! >Read more

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