30 Days of Qigong Introduction

 Benefits of Qigong Practice

Increase energy

Decrease stress

Reduce pain

Increase range of motion and flexibility

Calm and clear your mind

Regain your health from the inside out

Breathe and relax

The 30 Days of Qigong program is now available! This program features:

-30 different qigong routines
-discussions on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles
-routines for health, relaxation, energy, and stress
-over 8 hours of qigong, mostly in nature

Qigong is an ancient health practice that is similar to Tai Chi but easier to learn and practice, and you can get health benefits in a shorter time. While there are many different styles of Qigong, there is no one “right” style, just the one that works for you.

If there is a great secret to attaining health benefits from Qigong practice, it would be to practice regularly. That’s why in the 30 Days of Qigong I try and share several different styles of Qigong practice with you so you can find the right routine that resonates with you.

In this introduction video I give a brief overview of the 30 Days. I warmly invite you to come join the Communi Qi and access the 30 Days as well as all of our other Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine videos in our library. You can even give us a free 7 day trial and see if it is right for you.

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Come join us, I am sure you will find something that will help you feel more energy, less stress, and more vitality!