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Simple Qigong movements. Powerful results.

Increase energy. Reduce stress and anxiety. Reduce pain.

A few minutes of Qigong practice will improve your health from the inside-out.



Science is confirming what the ancient Chinese have known for centuries:

Deep breathing, stretching, strengthening, gentle movements and proper mental intention practiced during Qigong can significantly improve your health and well being.

Qigong is an ancient practice used to build health, heal injuries and pain, promote longevity and vitality. Qigong is easy to do. It is similar in appearance to Tai Chi, but easier to learn, and more focused on improving health.

It is like a moving meditation.

The movements are simple and can be practiced virtually anywhere. Even five minutes a day of Qigong practice will improve your health in a noticeable way.

Qigong can increase your energy, improve your memory, reduce stress, and help you sleep better. It enhances physical and mental health.

Finding a teacher or class in your neighborhood can be challenging so we’ve made it easy and accessible for everyone. Our online classes in the “Communi Qi” are effective and easy to follow. You can start anytime from anywhere.

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Health, Vitality and Longevity

Increase Energy

Qigong uses deep breathing, stretching, and gentle exercises to quickly increase your energy

Reduce Pain

Qigong can relieve pain by activating the body’s natural healing ability

Reduce Stress

Qigong can dramatically reduce stress in as little as 5 minutes