Find Flow with this Simple Qigong Routine

Breathe, take flight, relax, and soar like a bird with the Flying Crane or Flying Bird Qigong exercise!

Here is a simple exercise and short routine that can help:

  • relax tension in the neck, shoulder chest, and heart area 😌
  • lift and brighten the Shen and the spirit ☀️
  • help circulate Qi throughout the entire body

… leaving you feeling energized, calm, and clear minded!

The Flying Crane Qigong, emphasizes graceful movements that mimic the elegant flight of cranes and other birds with large wingspans, renowned symbols of longevity and vitality in Chinese culture.

Animal Qigong practices are very lovely to practice and they engage the creative and child-like part of ourselves, while connecting to the healing energy of nature.

Sometimes Animal Qigong (deer, bear, tiger, snake, leopard, crane, dragon, etc) can seem a ‘little out there’ or esoteric – but they often have incredible health promoting and healing effects on body, mind, and spirit 🦌

Also… they are fun to practice!


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