Here are 3 really simple tips to help you feel energetic, and vibrant. Sometimes staying healthy gets so complicated with all the health “gurus'”telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Simple is best, and here are 3 really easy tips that you can incorporate in to your lifestyle.

First is to eat more vegetables. Try to get a good variety of veggies and fruits. The second is to get more activity. Make sure that it is gentle on the body and that you actually enjoy it. The third is to practice qi gong.

Stress and tension is the biggest factor affecting our long term health and qi gong is one of the best ways to reduce it when it is too high, and prevent it from getting high in the first place. I would highly recommend a daily practice, even if it is only 10 minutes. In the Communi Qi we have several qi gong routines that you you can fit into a busy lifestyle and I am sure you will enjoy!

To get the full benefit of qi gong practice I would highly recommend practicing full routines. You can find plenty different routines in the “Communi Qi”