Here is a “secret” that will help you get the most benefit out of your Qigong practice!

There are hundreds, and maybe even thousands of different Qigong practices, all with different benefits and purposes. One could spend a lifetime exploring all the different traditions, discovering concepts and ideas to help you feel healthy and vibrant.

But, we can also “waste” a lot of time looking for the perfect practice. There is no ultimate or perfect practice, just the one that is right for you.

There are a few ideas that we can be mindful of while learning different Qigong forms and routines that will will help you find “your” style, but here is the most important one:  Keep it simple!

A simple, uncomplicated practice is best for building energy, reducing stress and tension, oxygenating the body, and moving stagnant qi. When we have a simple practice, we can stop thinking so much about “what to do next” and we can sink and relax into the practice.

When we relax we can unwind, release endorphins, and our qi will move smoothly! When the qi is moving smoothly we can heal, grow, feel happy, healthy and full of vitality!

I really enjoy learning about different Qigong, internal martial arts, and mindfulness practices. I especially enjoy linking the commonalities of Qigong with other practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, physical therapy, and integrative medicine. It can be easy to keep looking for the next great “secret.”

As fun as it is to keep exploring there is the risk of overcomplicating Qigong.

I have learned over years from watching people (patients and Qigong students) that we will gravitate towards the simple – as long as we know that it is beneficial for us.

We don’t need the “next level” or super secretive practices; we just need time. Time to breathe, be present in our body, and relax into our Qigong practice!

So keep practicing the simple Qigong that you enjoy and let your qi flow 🙂

Here are some of our Daily Qigong practices that are on Youtube, and of course we have many in the Communi Qi that are for specific conditions and benefits.

Come join us if you are interested in revitalizing your health and vitality!