Here is the replay if the Ask Jeff (Almost) Anything Youtube Livestream. We ran this live video to celebrate reaching 30K Youtube subscribers on the Think Vitality channel.

30 thousand subscribers is really not that big in the online and Youtube world, but to me, it’s actually significant. It is the size of a small town of people who are interested in Qigong practice and who feel inspired to help themselves feel vitality! It is a small sign that the “Qigong” message is slowly spreading!

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has subscribed, liked, and shared videos from our channel and Facebook page, I really appreciate it!

I invited people to submit questions or comments, and ask in the chat section of the video, and I was surprised how many engaged Qigong-ers there were! I was not able to answer the majority of questions, but here are a few time stamps:

Time and Topic

  • 2min 40sec – How should you breathe during Qigong?
  • 5min – Can – Qigong help with stomach distension and bloating?
  • 6min 50sec – What is the Dan Tian?
  • 8min 55sec – How long should you practice Qigong?
  • 12min 50sec – Where and when did you learn Qigong?
  • 14min 25sec – What ‘level of qi cultivation’ have you reached?
  • 16min – How should I place my hands over Dan Tian?


  • 16min 45sec – Any Qigong for menopause and night sweats?
  • 18min – Do I offer Qigong teacher certification?
  • 20min 50 sec – Qigong and back pain
  • 22min 25sec – How long does it take to replenish the Dan Tian?
  • 23min 50sec – Suggestions for eating disorders
  • 26min – The effect of the keto diet on the qi


  • 28min – Qigong and cancer discussion
  • 32min 35 sec – Yin and Yang balance in Qigong
  • 36min 30sec – Qigong and tinnitus
  • 38min – Qigong for knees, hips, feet
  • 39min 05sec – Qigong for difficulty swallowing
  • 41min 37sec – Chronic kyphosis and forward head posture
  • 43min – Qigong and metabolism and weight loss

If you liked this ‘live’ format you would also enjoy our “Qi Chats” that we host the first Saturday of every month in the Communi Qi. While I tried to keep the topics and conversation very general and applicable to everyone, the Qi Chats dive deeper into concepts and explore them a little further.

Once again, thank you for helping the channel grow and sharing the message of simple Qigong practice! I appreciate you and you inspire me to do more! We will do another livestream at the next milestone – see you there!