There is no doubt, a very common reason people like to practice qi gong is because they are experiencing pain. You may be experiencing pain too and are looking for relief. Well, I can tell you that over the years I have seen quite a few people get relief from acute or chronic pain just by simply practicing qi gong.

I think the “science” hasn’t clearly embraced qi gong, but that’s ok with me. At this point, I don’t imagine there will be serious funding invested into qi gong, so we may not see the “research.” However, for thousands of years people have practiced qi gong to relieve pain, and it has been remarkably effective.

It is worth mentioning that in some cases we are aiming for “pain relief” and other times we are aiming for “healing.”

I actually have a couple of theories about why it does help reduce pain as much as it does, but that video might be a “little longer” 🙂