To be fully healthy, our qi must move smoothly.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Qigong theory, when the qi becomes stagnant, excessive, or deficient we will experience pain, illness, disease, and a lack of vitality. Clearly, we have to move our qi to be fully healthy.

But how do we move our qi?

Of course, practices such as Qigong are excellent for moving qi, as are breathing exercises, Tai Chi, yoga, and some forms of meditation. Gentle movements with deep breathing is ideal for moving qi.

But how do we “control” our qi?

This is a more intermediate concern, and if you are just beginning your Qigong journey I wouldn’t be too concerned about this. But, if you want to move your qi you can follow the wisdom of an ancient saying:

“Where the mind goes, the qi flows.”

Simply, where we place our attention, awareness, and focus is where the qi will settle. It doesn’t happen immediately, but slowly the qi moves to where we place our mind. So, if you are focused on your hands, the qi goes to the hands, if you focused or your third eye, the qi rises.

So where should be we directing our qi?

At first, it is always best to direct the energy and life force to the Dan Tian, or lower heaven. This is where the root energy of the body is stored and accumulates. When we have a healthy life, the qi is strong in the Dan Tian. When we have too much stress, poor diet, insufficient sleep, the Dan Tian becomes weak and we lose our vitality.

So begin by placing your awareness on the Dan Tian during all of your Qigong practices, and soon your root energy will increase and your qi will shine brightly!