I’d like to share with you one of the most important Qigong exercises you can practice. There are literally hundreds of Qigong exercises, and they are all great! But, this one exercise can be helpful for all aspects of your body, mind, and qi flow!

Whether you’re a complete beginner to Qigong practice, or you have some experience, this one exercise can be a very useful and helpful. You can practice it basically anywhere. It’s very simple. It’s very easy.

The idea with Qigong practice is that we want to get the qi moving freely throughout the body. We do that by:

  • lightly moving
  • breathing deeply
  • getting the body to open up and relax
  • calming and clearing the mind

We have qi that’s flowing through the internal organs and all the meridians and the soft tissue in the body. And when it gets stuck in stagnant, then we get sick we get ill, we don’t feel our best.

So during Qigong practice, you simply you move the qi smoothly throughout in the body, then:

  • the immune system is healthy
  • the digestion is strong
  • the energy levels are good
  • the sleep is deep and restful
  • we feel happy and content

This one exercise is almost like a “Super Food.” Super foods are foods that have all the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, nutrients, vitamins, and micronutrients that your body needs. Eat that one superfood and it can fuel your body.

This one exercise is like that. It’s like a Super Food of Qigong!.

It’s called the Opening Exercise. The reason the opening exercises so helpful is because it helps circulate the qi throughout all the meridians, internal organs and all the different systems. So if you have problems with:

  • tension, and stress – this is going to help the liver
  • respiration or breathing issues – this is going to help the lungs
  • digestion and appetite and bowel issues- this is going to help the spleen and stomach
  • circulation, depression, anxiety – this is going to help the heart
  •  sleep and hormones and back pain and low energy – this is going to help the kidneysOpening Exercise

This one Qigong exercise really can help everything  that you need for full health, and vitality! It’s great if you don’t have much time, you don’t have much space and you’re just looking for quick practice. Just practice exercise for five minutes or so.

Qigong practices is about what you do with your body, what you do with your breath, and what you do with your mind. So your intention, and your thoughts are very important as you’re practicing Qigong. So choose a simple affirmative phrase that you can hold in your mind as you practice the Opening Exercise.

You can practice that simple exercise once or even twice a day. If you do it for five minutes, great if you can do it for 10 minutes, great. If you do it for one minute, that’s fine. The opening exercise is wonderful to help just remind us that we can be healthy, we can be vibrant and full of life and energy. We just have to stop, breathe, let our
body and our mind settle.