One of the main reasons people seek Qi Gong practice is to help with healing the body. Qi Gong can help with:

  • injuries
  • degeneration
  • aches, and pain
  • arthritis
  • and simple bumps and bruises

that we accumulate over time.

There are many different healing modalities from Western medicine, surgery, and pharmaceuticals, to massage, meditation, self healing, herbs and acupuncture. Everything is helpful and has it’s place.

Qi Gong is helpful because it truly gives us “time” to stop, unwind, relax, and rest the body and mind so that we can heal. Qi Gong believes that there is an innate wisdom that can heal what ails us but if we are constantly on the go, busy, and distracted our body can’t do it’s job.

Practicing Qi Gong for 15-20 minutes daily can truly give us the time we need to heal. Here is a list of full practices that you can use daily:

Daily Qi Gong practices

I am constantly reminded that “simple works best.” Simply breathing, bringing your mind into the “here and now,” moving gently and mindfully is incredibly healing! When we bring our mind into the Present we can truly trigger the process of healing and regeneration. Try one our simple routines!