Here is an easy Qigong routine that is helpful for calming, grounding, and centering the Mind.

There are so many things that we

  • “should do”
  • “need to do”
  • and “want to do”

…that it can feel never ending. We are in a day and age of overstimulation. We are often tied into our email, Facebook, our phones, the news, the “happenings” in our family, neighbourhood, and community that sometime we just want to shut it all off!

This simple routine can help! Qigong always focuses on deep breathing, gentle movement, and focusing the mind.

There are many great Qigong routines. Some can strengthen the body, some can help you enter a deep state of meditation, and some can build your root energy and qi.

All of those practices are great, but sometimes, we just need to shut off all the “noise” of our busy world.

These short and simple routines are perfect for that. You can practice this routine once or even twice a day, as it won’t harm or overstimulate the body in any way. Just try to focus on deep full breaths and “feel the Flow!”

If you liked this simple style of Qigong, come join the Communi-Qi for many more to help ground and centre the mind, to help relieve:

  • anxiety, stress, tension
  • depression, sadness
  • excessive emotion, and overwhelm

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Come join us, I’d love to see you there!