One of the main reasons people discover Qigong practice is because they are looking for something to help them heal. Heal from pain, arthritis, digestion issues, stress and anxiety, trauma, back pain, headaches and migraines, or emotional upset.

Whether we have an acute injury, long term pain, or a degenerative illness or disease we may need support.

When we say “healing” we can talk about the medical and biochemical aspect of healing, such as blood circulation, medical intervention such as medication and surgery, white blood cells, protein synthesis, and nowadays, genetics and gene expression. All these aspects are quite important to heal the body.

There is also another aspect of healing, that is not specifically medical, which involves aligning the body and mind so that our body can heal itself. There are many anecdotal stories of healing, remission, and miraculous cures. One has to be careful and discerning when hearing about these stories because we want to use all forms of healing (conventional and unconventional) to help us feel our best.

Qigong is an ancient healing practice that was developed before the time of Western science. It is a combination of:

  • gentle movements
  • deep breathing
  • mental focus and intention

When we practice these three elements together we give ourselves the best opportunity to heal.

One explanation as to why Qigong helps the body is because we enter into the Flow state. The Flow state is similar to being in the “zone.” It’s when you are totally immersed in an activity (that you enjoy), and because you are so focused on what you are doing you can lose a sense of time and space.

Sometimes that can be quite surprising. You’re working away at something for 15 minutes, only to discover that an hour has gone by!

The good news is that entering into the Flow state can be easy – if we practice it.

Qigong practices such as the one above can help you enter into the Flow state because it is easy to do, you are breathing, and activating your brain in many different ways. Not to mention the sequence just feels good!

Try this routine and see how you feel. Follow along a few times, and soon enough you will remember the Qigong sequence and you can practice on your own.

If you want to find more routines to help you find Flow, please come join the Communi Qi! (our online ‘library’ of Qigong routines and informational videos).