Here is a simple Qigong practice that can help maintain healthy boundaries.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed, stress, and affected by other people, their emotions, or even their ‘energy.’
There is nothing wrong with us – perhaps we are just ‘sensitive.’

Not only is there ‘nothing wrong’ but this can actually be a good quality.

A sensitive person can really understand, empathize, and be Present with others. The only problem is that a sensitive person can ‘pick up’ on too much energy, leading to boundary issues.

If this the case, a practice of ‘healthy boundaries’ can be very helpful! 

There are many reasons to practice qigong. Most people are drawn to qigong practice because of:

  • pain
  • illness
  • fatigue
  • a health crisis
  • stress, anxiety
  • or anti-aging

But one largely unknown benefit of qigong is that it can help create healthy boundaries. In a busy world such as ours today it is easy to become overwhelmed by:

  • constant stimulation
  • noise
  • technology
  • smells
  • sights
  • voices
  • advertisements
  • and so on

Some people are fine with all this extra stimulation but others become overwhelmed by it all. When you practice qigong routines it helps to recenter the body and the mind into the present moment.

It can also help to clear out excessive thoughts and distractions that float around in your mind when we don’t want or need them. This is a simple routine that you can practice throughout the day once you memorize it. It can also be good to practice in the evening after a busy day before going to bed.

Many Communi Qi members practice Qigong to help maintain good, healthy, strong boundaries. They often use:
Resilient Qigong
Heart Healing
and Healthy Boundaries from the 30 Days of Qigong

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PS   This is a video from a couple of years ago, but I hope you find it useful ?