There are many reasons why people practice qigong. One of the main reasons is due to pain and tension. When we have muscle and joint pain it can lead to tension. The tension often causes more pain, it is a vicious cycle. Add to that, often we have pain and tension because of weakness. So we have pain, tension, and weakness. Qigong practice is great at addressing all three of those issues so that it will give us relief from

  • chronic pain
  • arthritis
  • chronic tension
  • tight muscles
  • poor circulation

This is an easy routine that includes an exercise from the Yijin Jing “muscle and tendon changing” qigong. This is one of the oldest forms of qigong that was designed to invigorate the soft tissue, joints, and increase blood circulation. These exercises are a little different because you actually tense you muscles while moving slowly and gently. You have both the Yin of relaxation, and the Yang of tension during the movement. It’s wonderful!

Soon we will be adding a full “Muscle and Tendon Changing” routine to our video library, but in the meantime I am sure you will find this mini routine helpful!