A common problem these days is neck tension, shoulder tightness, and poor posture.

When we have these issues it’s inconvenient, uncomfortable, and even painful short term. Long term, they can lead to major issues such as arthritis, degeneration in the neck and cervical vertebrae, and upper back issues.

If you imagine how a worn out, tired person would stand – the first thing you would probably see is them slouching, with head hanging low.

Good posture is essential for overall wellness, a healthy circulatory system AND helps a person look and feel younger 🙂

Qigong is fantastic for increasing strength, improving posture, and maintaining good circulation through the upper back, neck, and shoulders. In fact, it is a major reason why people practice Qigong.

When you combine gentle movement with nice deep breathing, it can be wonderful for helping the body and the mind!

In this video, I will share a really easy Qigong exercise called “Rowing the Boat.” It is a common Qigong exercise and appears in the Shibashi, or 18 Forms.

In the video, I also mention a key factor to help keep the shoulders safe and healthy if you’ve had injuries or issues in the past.

Follow along, practice regularly, breathe deeply, and you may notice your posture improving, head and neck feel a little stronger, and you may even feel a little taller 🙂