This time of year, it is quite common to feel a little down.

If you:

  • experience depression
  • suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • or you just feel down from time to time

it’s important to have a variety of tools to help yourself!

There are times when we need professional help, medication, or supplementation but if we can help boost our own energy, immune system, qi, and optimize our brain chemistry on our own – that’s fantastic! 

Qigong is a wonderful tool to use to help yourself!

As you probably already know – Qigong is a gentle exercise, similar to Tai Chi but easier to practice and more focused on building the health, healing the body, and slowing down the aging process. It is like a moving meditation.   There are many diffrent forms of Qigong, the most important aspect is finding a style that suits you.

Above is a simple, and easy routine that is great for beginners, seniors, and those who have aches, pains, and injuries. It can also be helpful if you are just feeling as if you need to be “uplifted.”

In this video, we discuss the exercise “Wild Goose Flying.” It’s a very common Qigong practice that is found in routines such as the ShiBashi or 18 Forms (that we have in the Communi Qi) and there are many variations of it. 

Just practice along and try to increase your range of motion gently over time.  Breathe, visualize, relax, and allow your qi to move smoothly!

This series is excellent for lifting the energy, brightening the mood, and it might even put a smile on your face 🙂

~ Jeff,