Here is a simple tip if you are new to Qigong practice.

There are many things to learn when we practice Qigong:

  • how to stand
  • how to move
  • how to breathe
  • what we should be thinking about

That can be a lot!

When beginning there are a few details to focus on, and as the Qigong practice deepens there are more finer points to put our attention to. It is actually very fascinating!

If a person is relaxed in learning then they will absorb the new skills over time. But, if a person is assertive/aggressive and a perfectionist (maybe too much yang energy ?) then they may want to practice perfectly – even on the first time!

That’s understandable, we live in a very ‘yang’ time. But, if we put too much pressure on ourselves to do everything perfectly, some people will shut down, and lose motivation to practice. This why it is ideal to have the intention of ‘imperfect action’ in Qigong practice.

That is to take actions, right or wrong, consistently.

Just try the movements, try breathing, try concentrating the mind. Whether you are successful or not doesn’t really make a difference. It is more important to develop the habit of practicing, and to build your confidence in yourself and in Qigong.

With this approach of imperfect action, eventually you will see positive improvements, your qi will move smoothly, and you will start to benefit from Qigong ?