Do you feel as if you are doing “all the right things” – eating well, exercising, taking your herbs and supplements, but you still don’t feel healthy, full of energy, and vibrant?

Perhaps your Dan Tian energy is weak. Fear not, this Qigong routine can help 🙂

It can be extremely frustrating when we put so much time and energy into our wellness but nothing seems to work. It seems as if feeling energetic, calm and clear minded, and emotionally abundant shouldn’t be so difficult but keeping our body healthy can be challenging!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Qigong theory, we have qi or energy flowing throughout  the body. If we are healthy and strong the qi is moving smoothly. If we are sick, unwell, or tired our qi can be deficient or stagnant.

In our body we have meridians, which are pathways where qi flow, and energy centres. This would be similar to the “chakras” described in yogic traditions. There are several opinions on how many chakras there are in the body but most agree that the most important one is your Dan Tian. This is a chakra that is below the belly button.

If your Dan Tian is weak, then your body can’t hold the qi in the body. This will lead to the feeling of “doing all the right things for your health, but nothing works.”

This is where Qigong can help! Qigong is like a moving meditation, a practice similar to Tai Chi but easier to learn and more effective for improving health. It can be really helpful if your qi is stagnant or deficient.

During Qigong practice we can breathe deeply, and use our mind to guide the flow of blood and qi to help us feel relaxed and energized. After some practice, Qigong can be used almost like acupuncture – removing qi stagnation, and strengthening weak qi.

In this video we go through a very easy series of Qigong exercises that will help build the Dan Tian energy. When the Dan Tian is strong, it can hold the qi in the body. This can improve our immune system, calm down the nerves, relax the digestion, and help us rediscover our vitality!

It may improve in one practice session but the real benefit comes when you can practice it daily. If you practice once a day for about 2 weeks, I am sure you will notice a difference!

If you would like more practices to help build up the Dan Tian energy, come visit us in the Communi Qi!