Here is a simple 10 minute Qigong routine that you can do anywhere or anytime. It will help you feel relaxed, energized, and leave your mind feeling calm and clear. You can still practice if you have any pre existing injuries or limitations, but of course, listen to your body.

What I love about this style of Qigong is that it can be simple and practical. This routine is very practical to integrate into everyday life. You can practice in a corner of your bedroom, your backyard, or a quiet space in your office. You can just find a way ?

This video is one of our most popular Qigong videos on our YouTube page. Many people come back to this simple practice and use it daily.

Focus on Breathing to Move the Qi

As with all Qi Gong routines, it is always important to breathe very fully and deeply. The movements in this routine are not complicated so you can easily focus on your breath. The word “Qi” has many interpretations and one of them is “breath.”

Qigong can be a light and gentle exercise, but when you consciously incorporate breathing – it becomes a healing system.

Just simple breathing and moving gently:

  • rejuvenates and revitalizes body and mind
  • moves qi and blood throughout the meridians
  • stimulates the internal organs (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • reduces stress, tension, and anxiety
  • helps to ‘rediscover’ inner peace, calm, and joy
  • helps you reconnect with the Present and your Self
  • may even make you smile!

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