Here is a simple qigong meditation practice. There are many types of meditation to be experienced these days. Not too long ago meditation was considered to be very alternative and “esoteric” but today meditation is widely accepted medically, and socially. There are many different types of meditation and they are all useful. It is similar to using tools from a toolbox – at times you’ll need a hammer, and at other times you may need a paintbrush.

Meditation is the practice of simply bringing all your thoughts down to one. This one thought can be a short phrase, focus on the breath, relaxing part of your body, or it can even be intense focus on cooking, cleaning, or playing sports. Really, anything can be used as meditation as long as it brings many thoughts down to one.

Some forms of meditations, such as transcendental meditation or TM, seek “personal development” and other forms, such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR, intends to lower stress, and anxiety. There is not just one form of Qigong meditation, there are many. No matter what your needs are, qigong meditation can definitely help.

In this video we practice a very simple qigong meditation that is helpful for:

  • reducing stress, anxiety, depression
  • increasing energy, focus and concentration
  • and helping you feel “present” in your body

This qigong meditation is great for everyone to practice anytime of the day. If you have seen other qigong videos, you’ll know that I focus on simplicity, because I believe and have observed that simple works best!

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