Here is a nice gentle Qigong practice to help Cleanse the body and mind!

It is natural to build up stress, and tension in the body and the mind. Even though we may do our best to stay relaxed and calm, worries, frustrations, anxiety, and fears accumulate in the soft tissue, joints, muscles, and our mind, clouding our perception.

There is nothing wrong with us 🙂

We may not feel great when we have a lot of tension in the body and mind, but it is in fact quite natural.

In nature, the animal or creature that is extra cautious, extra aware, and extra attentive is more likely to survive an attempted attack from a hungry predator. The deer can escape the cougar, and the gazelle can avoid the lion attack.

Animals, like humans, are hard wired to notice danger. If we notice danger, we can prevent or escape it.

The problem is, we are not usually being attacked by wild animals or creatures. Usually. But, we still physically, mentally, and emotional react to stressors as if our life is in danger. This causes stress hormones to flood the system and the qi to become stagnant, or unbalanced.

So what can we do?

Qigong practice of course! A gentle Qigong practice that focuses on:

  • gentle movement
  • deep breathing
  • and simple affirmative intention

can drastically reduce tension from our system.

This video is a simple Qigong practice that can help cleanse both conscious stressors (that we know about) and unconscious stressors (that we don’t know about).We don’t have to think about what stressors we are releasing, we just have to move gently, breathe, let everything go – and smile a little bit!

This Qigong practice for Cleansing features a very simple movement called “Sweeping.” Sweeping is an easy movement that can help move qi, release tension, and relax the physical body. When we combine natural breathing and the intention to feel relaxed – it becomes a very useful and effective Qigong exercise!

You can practice sweeping while you are really focused, or even when your mind is drifting. Eventually, you will find a rhythm and Flow!


PS This is a short version of a longer Qigong practice that we have in the Communi Qi found here: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/short-practices/videos/qigong-cleanse-14-mins. Come join us if you would like a longer practice or more routines to help you full of life energy and vitality!