There are many different styles of qigong. Some qigong practices are invigorating, stimulating, and will increase strength and flexibility, and other styles are more meditative, gentle, and relaxing. Some days you may feel drawn to an invigorating practice, one that is more yang-like, other times you may resonate with a calmer yin-like practice.

This Sitting Qigong routine is very yin in nature, easy to do, and gentle on the body. If you have restrictions, pain, or range of motion problems, this qigong routine may be helpful. While qigong can help your body in many different ways, this routine will help you enter the “flow state.” When you experience the flow state your qi, or chi, moves smoothly around the meridians and soft tissue. When that happens you may notice a reduction in pain, an increase in energy, a reduction of stress and anxiety. It may also put a little smile on your face 🙂

If you like this routine you can practice once or even twice a day to help your qi circulation. I would encourage you to do some of the standing qigong routines if you can but sitting practices are nice to do every now and then. Here is a great standing routine that you can also practice: Qigong for Stress and Anxiety

The 30 Days of Qigong is up and running, and we have been receiving some very nice feedback! Communi Qi members seem to be enjoying the variety of routines, and the deeper dive into some of the traditional Chinese Medicine and qigong concepts. You can read a little more about the 30 Days here, and see all the practices we offer https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/30-days-of-qi-gong

If you are really wanting to progress your qigong practice, or become more consistent I would encourage you to join the Communi Qi and see if you like it. There is no pressure to join, just a group of friendly cheerleaders supporting and encouraging each other! Or should I say Qi-Leaders! Ok, I’ll stop!

Come join us, I’m sure you’ll like it!