Qigong has the promise of

  • increasing your energy
  • improving circulation through the joints and soft tissue
  • calming the mind
  • and slowing down the aging process

You’ve heard and read about all the benefits but you haven’t experienced them yourself. What’s going on? In this video I will discuss 3 reasons why your qigong practice is not giving you the benefits that you were hoping for.

I didn’t mention it in this video but it is important to persist with your practice. Far too often in this day and age, we are seeking instant gratification and expect/want results right away. If you are new to qigong practice you need to give yourself time. When you are new, you will start experiencing different sensations in the body, different states of mind, and subtle shifts. Over time your body, Mind, and qi will start to figure out what to do with these subtle shifts.

When it does, that’s when qigong really starts to “work” 🙂