Here are 5 Reasons to practice Qigong, whether you are an absolute beginner, a senior, or you have already began your Qigong journey.

There are so many benefits to Qigong practice. The ancient Chinese knew about it’s many benefits to the body and mind thousands of years ago (literally!) and science is now just catching on. The simple, gentle movements combined with breathing, and intention create a wonderful healing system!

While there is no ONE healing system that does everything, Qigong definitely can help the body and mind be healthy in a very unique way.

The simple focus on connecting with breath, the body, the Self, and nature can help us find balance, harmony, and joy in a very short time!

Qigong is also wonderful for helping acute injuries, pain, and illness as well as long term prevention of common issues such as arthritis, stiffness, poor memory, and stress.

If you are looking for a good daily practice you can try this routine:

Daily Qigong Practice

If you really want to explore Qigong practice I would highly recommend the 30 Days of Qigong in the Communi Qi 🙂


PS This was our first “live” video on Youtube from our new studio! I was very excited, I don’t know if that was obvious 🙂