We can use this concept to dramatically improve the results that we get from our Qigong practice.

There are many different rules, principles, ideas, and concepts that can be applied in wholistic well being.
All of them are valuable and have their place. In this approach to Qigong we tend to focus on the concept of…

“Simple works Best”

… because over the long term, most of us will use simple tools more often, rather than the complicated ones.

What are the Basic of Qigong Practice?

You probably already know that Qigong is the combination of:

  • gentle movement
  • deep, natural breathing
  • positive mental intention

When we combine all these elements into one harmonious practice, we have Qigong. We can practice gentle movement, without breathing and intention, and it still is certainly helpful for overall health, but it is not quite the same as a combining all 3 elements.

We can always refine our movements, and focus our breathing, but what can really help our Qigong practice is improving our intention.

In this live Facebook replay we discuss the concept of Aligned Intention.

What is ‘Aligned Intention’

As we discussed in the video ‘having intention is very important in Qigong practice.’ More importantly having an ‘aligned intention’ is what can make your practice very beneficial.

Aligned intention is when we have a clear goal or outcome in our mind that we want from our practice AND it aligns with our hearts desire, our subconscious, and our Spirit.

Sometimes we may say that we “want to” do something or we “should” do something…

… this means that our brain may be saying “yes” but our heart or subconscious is saying “I’m not too sure.”

When we have a clear, simple, aligned intention during our Qigong practice the qi, the blood, the energy, and the healing energy will know exactly where to go.

Need more energy, calmer emotions, need more efficient healing – an aligned intention will help!

If you want to explore the idea of using intention during Qigong practice you can explore these videos:

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We also have several videos in the Communi-Qi that discuss intention:
One of our monthly Qi Chats, we really explored intention:
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Or you can always explore the 30 Days of Qigong in the Communi-Qi which will take you on a journey that will build and move your qi in all areas!

Set a clear and aligned intention, and keep moving forward!