Here is a discussion about how Qigong can help with healing.
The most common reason people seek and find Qigong is to help with healing.

Healing can be a very complicated word – it can mean “healing from a bruise, or it can mean “healing” from a life threatening condition.

It can mean physical “healing” and it could mean emotional, mental, and spiritual “healing.”

All forms of healing are important and necessary at different times.

Qigong is an excellent tool to help with all forms of healing.

The truth is, I don’t think that Qigong healing is “magical.”

I think it is amazing, wonderful, and extremely helpful for treatment and prevention of many conditions BUT it is effective because it is tapping into our natural healing ability.

Our body wants to be healthy, robust, and strong. Our minds want to be clear, sharp, peaceful, and Present. It is our natural state.

When we heal through Qigong there isn’t anything supernatural happening.

Qigong is simply encouraging the natural healing function of our body.

How does it do this?

In very simple way – by relaxing the body and mind, oxygenating, and moving gently to increase circulation so that our body has the energy and resources to heal.

If that sounds too simple… you’re right!  Simple works best! 

If we have an ache or pain, a degenerative condition, a diagnosed issue, or we are trying to prevent illness in the future we want to try and do as much as we can.

It’s ideal to consult with all the experts we can and take their recommendations.

Along with that, we also want to bring our body and mind into a calm peaceful state through Qigong so that our body can use it’s natural healing ability to heal itself and help us feel our best 🙂

Watch the video above where we discuss the concept of “healing” in a simple way so we can understand how exactly Qigong can help us.

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