Within Qigong there are many different types of breathing practices. Each of them are practiced with a certain goal in mind. Some are to help increase the qi and energy, some are for releasing stress and anxiety. Others are for balancing the internal organs in very specific ways.

It’s fascinating to explore the many different breathing practices and notice how they affect the body, mind, and qi!

There are some Qigong breathing exercises that benefit many different areas at the same time. It is similar to performing a full body workout – it strengthens most or all of the muscles in the body.

This particular breathing exercise is just like a full body workout – it circulates qi and blood throughout all the internal organs, and meridians.

It’s beneficial for pretty much everyone, anytime. You can practice in the morning, evening, daytime, whenever you like!

It’s in most Qigong styles, and it’s called Dan Tian breathing. 

The Dan Tian is an area slightly below the belly button in the centre of the body. It means “lower heaven” and it is believed to be where our root energy or qi is stored. When the Dan Tian is strong, the body and mind will be healthy. If the Dan Tian is weak, it is difficult to feel fully healthy.

It is always important to strengthen the Dan Tian, and this breathing exercise will definitely help!

If you would like to continue building your Dan Tian energy, try this routine.

We have plenty of Dan Tian building practices in the Communi Qi, including:

Inner Stillness

Release (one of our most popular practices!)

and Resilient

I hope your Qi is flowing abundantly!