Healthy and strong Qi is essential for good health and vitality.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, and Qigong theory we need good qi and blood circulation through the muscles, bones, meridians, and channels so our body can perform all if its necessary functions such as:
  • oxygenating the body
  • good digestion
  • healing and recovery from injuries
  • good circulation
  • maintaining a healthy immune system

But, how do we build our qi?

In this Live video we will discuss 3 simple and easy suggestions to build your qi.

There are no “right or wrong” ways of cultivating Qi or chi, just what works for you!

Of course, Qigong practice is excellent to build, move, and store qi so you can be energetic, clear minded, and joyful!

Here is a simple practice that can help build your Qi:
And here is another one:
Dan Tian Breathing Qigong practice
In the Communi Qi we have a very popular Simple Mindfulness Practice as well.

Or you can always explore the 30 Days of Qigong in the Communi Qi

Until next time!