Qigong and Addictions

There are many approaches to treating and managing addictions. This can range from 12 Step, Talk Therapy, Counselling, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and pharmaceutical intervention just to mention a few.

Qigong (or qi gong, chi kung) can be extremely helpful in the treatment of addictions whether it is:

The way qigong can help is by drastically reducing stress, tension, anxiety, and worry. According to some of the most modern research addictions are often triggered by stress. It doesn’t matter what the stressor is, either reasonable or unreasonable, it can still trigger an undesirable addictive behaviour.

Qigong recognizes the balance of yin and yang energy as being an underlying root problem. If the yin energy is weak, the yang will be ungrounded and out of balance.

A simple daily qi gong practice can naturally help reduce tension, and balance the yin and yang energy. You can practice an individual exercise such as “Embracing the Ball” or Pressing the Palms but it is ideal to practice a full routine. We have several, including the “Heart Healing,” “Liver/Wood Routine,” and “4 Seasons” in the Communi Qi which are excellent at helping with any sort of addiction.