There is no doubt that we are moving through some challenging and turbulent times. Many people feel:

  • stressed, tense, and angry
  • anxious, worried, and fearful
  • uneasy, and that the world is out of control

Patients tell me this nearly every day!

The good news is that we can always return back to a state of peacefulness, calm, and stillness.

Qigong Meditation to Create Harmony

In this live video, we practiced a very simple 15 minute Qigong meditation to help us find that inner stillness. The idea is when we create harmony within ourselves, then we can share it with the world around us.


…we have to create that feeling of tranquility within ourselves first!

It’s ok, you can do it, we can all do it – we just need the time, the energy, and the intention!

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We also have a full series of very easy and approachable practices in the 10 Day Meditation series in the Communi Qi.

Come join if you are interested!