Keeping the immune system healthy and strong is important for all of us. It’s crucial during the fall and winter, as well as throughout the rest of the year.

Along with:

  • eating properly
  • sleeping adequately
  • exercising
  • and managing stress…

…we could practice Qigong to boost our immune system.

How can Qigong practice help our Immune system?

Qigong is an ancient exercise that looks like Tai Chi, but it is easier to practice, and is more focused on health and wellness. It’s like a moving meditation that combines:Qigong horse stance

  • gentle movement
  • deep breathing
  • meditation
  • and a positive mental focus

It’s based on the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. This ancient system of healthcare focuses on the flow of qi or energy.

Simply, if the qi is moving smoothly, we will be healthy. If the qi is deficient, excessive, or stagnant we will feel discomfort or unwell.

The goal of Qigong practice is to move stagnant qi and strengthen weak qi. There are hundreds of different Qigong exercises and styles and they all have their strengths and benefits.

There is no one ‘right‘ practice – just the one that works for you and that you enjoy.

Qigong has many benefits! Qigong can:

  • Increase qi circulation around soft tissue, muscles, and joints
  • Reduce inflammation and pain by increasing blood circulation
  • Increase qi, blood, yin, and yang
  • Reduce stress, tension, irritability, and anxiety

Qigong can help the immune system by increasing circulation around the organs, improving qi circulation through the meridians, and reducing stress and tension.

While we need to be cautious and practical at this time, we also need to stay calm and clear minded. The gentle deep breathing exercises of Qigong help with all of this ?

Here is a great Qigong practice that you can use on a daily basis to help your immune system:

Immuni-Qi Qigong Routine

I made this video for people who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed about their health. This routine would usually appear in the member’s only Long Practice Section of the Communi Qi but I wanted to make it available to the general public as well!

This routine includes:

  • Dynamic Qigong exercises for stimulating the 12 meridians, and the Zang Fu organs
  • Massage, patting, and tapping of the meridians and acupuncture points
  • Horse stance postures for increasing root energy

It’s actually a great routine to to help create both physical and mental resilience.

To further help us all get through challenging times, we are offering an entire Qigong series for anyone to experience and enjoy. It’s called the “Positivi Qi Series” and you can find this routine and several others there: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/positivi-qi-series

Please feel free to share the link with anyone who you think would benefit ?

Am I guaranteed to not get sick if I practice?

I would love to say that Qigong (or anything else for that matter) can guarantee perfect results! But, in reality, there are many factors that affect health.


Keeping your qi moving smoothly is one aspect of good health (we discussed this concept here), and that’s what this routine can help with.

If you think that you would benefit from:

  • Increasing your circulation
  • Relaxing your body and mind
  • and connecting with the Flow state

I would highly recommend practicing this routine daily for 10 days. See how you feel and I am sure you will feel more energy, centred, grounded, and Vitality!

If you are really interested in diving into Qigong practice, please come join the Communi-Qi and you can explore many practice that I am sure you will find helpful, including:

The 30 Days of Qigong
Full Body Flow – learn about and balance all meridians and systems
… and much more!

If you found this helpful, please share it with anyone who you think might benefit from it 🙂