The world has changed.

People around the globe are concerned about their current state of health AND the future of their wellness more than any other time in recent history.

There is no doubt that we all have to be responsible and follow the experts’ advice on public health measures in our country/region.

We also need to take good care of ourselves. We need to do everything that we can to strengthen our immune system, and create a strong resilient mind.

Strengthening the Immune System is Part of the Journey

I often think of Qigong as a journey – we can set a plan, stick to it and things go smoothly, and then there are other times when things change and we need to adjust the plan.

But, it’s all part of the journey.

I firmly believe that one of the biggest benefits of Qigong is that it helps create resilience and connect us to our inner ‘root’ strength.

This can translate to a:

  • strong immune system
  • a relaxed body
  • and a clear mind

…to help us navigate life and thrive through the journey.

All of these qualities are needed right now. ?

We all know that we should wash our hands and avoid touching our face.

To build our resilience we may also need reminders to stop, breathe, connect with our inner strength, build ‘wei qi,’ cultivate a positive state of mind and practice Qigong.

New Qigong Series!

I have received so many messages and emails in the past week looking for support that I felt strongly drawn to help in a way that I could.

I was inspired by a discussion in our Communi Qi membership site recently…

…so to help you feel strong and resilient, I’ve created a new series!  And it’s now available!

The new collection is called The Positivi Qi Series!

The Positivi Qi Qigong Series

This is a collection of videos that are about 10 minutes in length and each one will:

  • Introduce a concept, then
  • Practice the short Positivi Qi routine

The Positivi Qi routine is short and simple. It’s short enough that you can practice once or twice a day. There are a few videos in the Positive Qi series now and more will be added during this time of need.

I would like as many people as possible to benefit from Qigong during this challenging time, so although the Positivi Qi Series is in the Communi Qi, this particular series will be available for everyone. ?

You can watch, rewatch, and share the Positivi Qi series with anyone who you think may benefit!


Here is the link to the Positivi Qi Series:


Included in the collection is the Immuni Qi Qigong Routine and several other videos that are helpful for the immune system.

I hope you are well, you are happy, and your qi is flowing smoothly!