There are many benefits to Qigong practice, and several different approaches.

From very strict, traditional, practices to relaxed, and more modern – all approaches are excellent for body, mind, and Spirit.

No matter what your approach to Qigong is, if you include “this” your practice will be more helpful for:
  • reducing pain, discomfort
  • increasing energy
  • improving the functions of the body (digestion, circulation, respiration, etc.)
  • reducing stress, tension, anxiety
  • creating a state of calm, Flow, and clarity!
Here is a replay of a Facebook Live video where we discussed the idea:

Good Qigong practice must include:

  • Gentle movement
  • Deep breathing
  • Positive Intention

When we can practice with these elements, we can possibly experience the “Flow state.” This is a state where we feel relaxed, expansive, completely present, and in the “Zone.”

Experiencing Flow state is extremely important if we want to receive all the benefits we can from Qigong practice. 

There are many elements involved in finding the Flow state…in fact, we often discuss these ideas in our monthly “Qi Chats” in the Communi-Qi.

The idea that we discuss in the video is the concept of “Possibility.” This is a state of mind where we feel open to the “possibility” that perhaps we can feel a little bit better ?

  • Maybe, we can help ourselves
  • Maybe we can feel full of life and good energy
  • Maybe we can be calm and clear minded.

It’s all possible!

This childlike, open state of mind can help us find new opportunities, connect with practices that will nurture ourselves, and help us help ourselves.

 So, if you can, try to open yourself to the “Possibility” before, and during your Qigong practice ?

If you are looking for other supportive practices you can try:

Qigong for Grounding – great for gaining mental clarity

Gathering the Qi – wonderful for increasing root energy

We also have Cleansing the Bai Hui in the Communi Qi – which is wonderful for aligning thoughts and actions with our qi

Or you can always explore the 30 Days of Qigong in the Communi Qi which will take you on a journey that will build and move your qi in all areas!

Be well, be clear minded, and keep moving forward!