There are many Qigong traditions, practices, and exercises. They are all great – like having a variety of tools in your toolbox, they all have their use.

Some practices can be very detailed, with plenty of ‘rules’ to follow, and others can be simple – much like this exercise!

This Qigong exercise is called “Guiding the Qi through the Microcosmic Orbit”

… and it can be practiced by anyone, anytime of the day, for 5 minutes or even 45+ minutes. It is generally safe as long as you listen to your body, and move gently.

The idea is that by breathing and moving the body as described in the video we direct the Qi to naturally move through the Microcosmic Orbit.

This is a ‘channel’ that flows through the nose, down the center of the body to the lower belly, through the legs, up the spine, around the head, and back down to the nose.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong – when we move the Qi through this orbit, we create excellent root health, put our mind into a calm, peaceful state, and create ‘vitality!’

It is easy to do, and actually very ‘instinctive.’

By “instinctive” I mean that practicing this Qigong exercise naturally harmonizes body, breath, and Qi movement allowing us to find the Flow state – which is helpful for healing body, mind and Spirit.

This Qigong practice is very easy, and I would encourage you to practice it daily. You can use it to help:

  • Increase energy in the morning
  • Calm stress in the middle of the day
  • Deeply relax in the evening before bedtime

If you are looking for other supportive practices you can try:

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Be well, be clear minded, and keep moving forward!