We are in the ‘age of information’ where we can learn anything almost instantly! I constantly marvel and appreciate how easily we can access information that would have been challenging to find before the invention of the internet.

Truly magical times!

…But, there is a downside to it – overwhelm.

We can be overwhelmed with too much information, too many choices, and ‘analysis-paralysis.’

To help alleviate overwhelm we’ve curated our most popular and useful Qigong videos. Below you will find links to our most popular and watched Qigong videos that are freely available on our site and on Youtube.

10 Minute Daily Qigong Routine

Great for a morning or a mid day practice. It can help wake up all joints in the upper and lower body. Give it a try!

Go to the routine here!

Qigong for Stress, Anxiety, and Energy

 This is an excellent daily routine. It allows a more ‘space’ to sink deeper into a state of ‘calm action.’ The scenes are compiled from different routines in several locations – taking you on a virtual journey while moving stagnant qi!
Go to the routine here!

Qigong routine for healthy immune systemImmuni-Qi

This full practice became popular in April of 2020. It helps the lungs, the spleen, and the “wei qi” (known as the defensive qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is controls the immune system).
It has a little bit of everything – Qigong, massage, horse stance, breathing and positive intention.
It is similar to the routines that we have in the Communi-Qi membership!
Practice the routine here!

Popular Videos in the Communi-Qi

I am so happy to offer the above mentioned practices on this site, Youtube, and Facebook to the world!

…And, we have so much more!

In the Communi-Qi we have many more full Qigong routines, educational/informational videos, the 30 Days of Qigong, live Qi Chats, and our new series “Full Body Flow” – which is a Qigong healing journey through all the meridians!

Here are our most popular Qigong routines in the Communi-Qi if you would like to read about them and see what members are saying:

The Classic 18 Minute Routine

This is the first routine that was ever filmed years ago (re-filmed just recently). There are many people all over the world who use this as a daily practice!


Flourish Routine

Filmed in Spain in a very unique location this routine is popular in the Communi-Qi most likely because it is short and sweet!



This routine focuses on helping the qi flow, especially in the liver meridian – which is where most of our stress is stored.



If you have been considering joining the Communi-Qi, I would highly recommend it!

When you join, you will have access to all of our Long Practices, the 30 Days of Qigong, the new Full Body Flow Program, the Live Qi Chats, and much more!

You can become a ‘Communi Qi’ member for $21.99/month (USD) or $219/year (USD) with applicable taxes included.
There are no contracts, and you can easily cancel or pause your subscription at anytime.

May your qi flow smoothly and abundantly!