More than ever, it’s important to have a calm and clear mind. There are always worldly affairs to be concerned about – local, community and world news, family matters, global issues, and so on. Most likely, it will never end. There will always be something of concern.

For optimal health and wellness, we need to stay ‘calm and clear minded’ despite what is happening around us…and we can accomplish this through Qigong practice!

Excessive Emotions lead to Stress

Emotions are fine, in fact they are healthy. Qigong suggests that there are no good and bad emotions –  just excessive or deficient. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong broadly calls excessive emotions “stress” and it can cause physical, mental, energetic, and even spiritual problems.

The most modern research is confirming what has been known for thousands of years – chronic stress is the root of many serious illnesses. It may not be the only cause, but stress is a significant trigger.

In life, there are always things that can cause:

  • worry, overthinking
  • stress, tension
  • anxiety
  • anger, frustration
  • any excessive emotions

Again, that’s is OK, as long it is kept in balance.

Why should we have a Calm and Clear mind?

Having a tranquil and clear mind helps us act from a “good place.”

If you have ever witnessed a public display of ‘bad behaviour’ (during driving, waiting in line ups, family events, etc.) it’s easy to see that a person may “not be in their right mind.”

They are acting from a highly emotional place, not always the most intelligent and wise space. When they have a chance to settle, they may reflect on their behaviour and think “why did I do that?”

It is because the ‘reactive and emotional self’ is in control, rather than the ‘responsive self.’

This simple Qigong routine will help settle the highly emotional mind, and remain grounded, and have clarity of thought and action.

How to Practice

You can practice this routine once a day for 7 days and see how you feel. Perhaps on the first practice, you may experience the “Flow State” where you are relaxed but aware. In time, you will feel the Flow more often. Flow is what can help the mind find that calm state. 

Here is another practice that can help you find the Flow state:

Qigong for the Flow State

Need more Calm and Serenity?

If you are interested in experiencing more clarity of thought, come join us in the Communi Qi! Here we have several excellent practices to help, including “Brain Boost Qigong” and “Your Brilliant Brain” from the 30 Days of Qigong Program

In the meantime, just remember that you have the ability to create and find those peaceful states of mind, despite what it is happening in the world around you ?