A good Qigong practice can help relieve stress and bring stillness to our busy lives. Qigong helps:

  • increase our energy
  • our body to function better
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve sleep
  • us to heal naturally
  • to slow down the aging process

Qigong can be a very useful healing tool when we practice well!

In order to receive these benefits from our Qigong, we need to follow some basic rules. By “rules” I mean guidelines, habits, and mindsets that can make a subtle but noticeable shift in the quality of our practice.

Watch this video to learn about the 7 Rules of a Good Qigong practice plus and extra bonus one!

What is the important thing to remember?
As mentioned in the video, the first thing we can focus on is to simply be comfortable.

When we practice Qigong for our health and vitality it is not necessarily a hard workout, intense, or challenging on the body.
It can be, but it certainly does not need to be.

So be comfortable in your clothing, environment, and surroundings. Sometimes we simply need to allow ourselves to feel comfortable and to feel good.

How often do we do that? Just breathe, relax, be Present, and feel good!

Here are a few other Qigong related videos that can help

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We also have several practices in the Communi-Qi that are incredibly helpful. You can have a look at our Full Body Flow program where we learn about all the meridians, systems, and internal organs.

And you can always explore the 30 Days of Qigong in the Communi Qi which will take you on a journey that will build and move your qi in all areas!

I hope you feel good!