Here is a simple Qigong routine that can help increase a feeling of inner and outer peace.

There is no doubt that we are experiencing some challenging times. Whether it is personally, within our families, within our communities, or within our global family – we are experiencing some ‘turbulence.’

This can result in:

  • stress, tension
  • anxiety, worry
  • feeling of a lack of control
  • frustration, anger
  • a feeling of disconnection and hopelessness

While we may not be able to instantly ‘fix’ all these worldwide challenges – we can always help ourselves!

We can always ‘find peacefulness”

There is always the possibility that we can find a state of peace, tranquility, serenity within ourselves.

We may not be able to change external situations, but we can always…

…take a breath, return to the Present moment, and find peacefulness.

In this approach to Qigong, I discuss the idea of finding and ‘rediscovering.’

If you have ever felt calm and peaceful at some point, you can ‘find’ it again.

Maybe you’ve experienced peace:

  • while swimming in the ocean
  • playing with a pet
  • spending some quality time with your family
  • or when you just stopped and felt the sun on your face in a summer morning

We have all had these moments, and the purpose of this practice is to reconnect to them.


Cleansing the Qi

This exercise is one of the simplest Qigong movements – and it is extremely helpful.

During this exercise you can bring to mind a peaceful:

  • memory
  • image
  • thought
  • or short phrase

As we visualize, breathe, and gently move the body, we can ‘find’ peacefulness.

… The next step is actually sharing that feeling with the space and people around you.

We can do this through simple intention.

Is it easy?

Maybe, maybe not!

But it is a practice, and it will improve as time goes on!

This simple practice can actually be incredibly helpful to the world

Imagine if one person in a room is in a authentic state of peace…  wouldn’t that be nice?

What if there were 10 peaceful people in that same room? Perhaps that feeling might start to affect everyone else.

So take a deep breath, and ‘find’ your state of peace and share it with the world!

Until next time!


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I’d love to see you in the Communi-Qi!