Qigong for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a simple and easy Qigong routine that is great for beginners and for those with experience!

Qigong practice is the combination of:

  • gentle, slow movements
  • breathing
  • and intention

When we combine these 3 elements together we ideally find the “Flow state.”

This is that state of being when we feel timeless, in the zone, relaxed, and engaged. During the Flow state our body can naturally heal, our mind can relax and see clearly. At this time we can also connect to our inner wisdom, our creativity, and connect with others and ourselves.

In short, Flow state and good Qi circulation is healing, healthy, and life promoting!

Follow this simple routine on a regular basis and I am sure you will notice benefits in a short amount of time!

As simple as it seems, this routine can actually be quite helpful! Give it a try and let your Qi flow! 🙂


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If you’ve found this approach to Qigong practice beneficial and are interested in exploring more routines like this, consider joining our Qigong Communi-Qi.
Here you will find many full routines that are great for daily practice. Click on the links below to see our content library!

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We offer a variety of beginner-friendly practices that are safe, gentle, and effective. Whether you’re new to Qigong or an experienced practitioner, you’ll find valuable resources to support your well-being.

Please come join the Communi-Qi and let your Qi flow smoothly and abundantly!