Here is a simple Qigong routine that can help reduce anxiety, stress, tension, and help create a state of Positivity!

The routine begins at 1:55 🙂

Qigong Routine for Anxiety and Positivity

When I first began instructing and teaching Qigong (20+ years ago!) many people were seeking:

  • better circulation, more energy
  • less stress and tension
  • healing and pain relief
  • a sense of Flow and Vitality

Nowadays, a major reason people (young and elderly, men and women) seek Qigong is due to anxiety, worry, and panic.

Maybe anxiety is more commonly recognized today, or perhaps more people are experiencing it.

Either way, it is good to have many tools to help ourselves.
This includes:

  • exercise, walking, stretching
  • breathing, relaxation, meditation
  • medication, supplements, herbs
  • therapy, counseling, journalling

… and of course Qigong!

This simple routine is really helpful for feelings of anxiety because we are able to breathe, relax, move the body, circulate the Qi, and experience the Flow state – just for a few minutes!

We finish the routine with a little bit of Metta Qigong – which is sending a feeling of love, kindness, good Qi, and positivity to anywhere it’s needed 🤲

You’ll be surprised how effective a short and easy Qigong like this can be! 🙂

Just follow along, breathe, and find a peaceful space, and know that you can return to it anytime you need or want to!


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