Here is a simple Qigong practice that will help rejuvenate, refresh, and brighten your Qi and Spirit!

When we:

  • spend a lot of energy
  • work too hard
  • experience too much stress
  • don’t sleep deeply
  • become drained by people

…we can become Qi deficient.

If we look for a medical equivalent to Qi deficiency – there really isn’t one.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong suggests that when we are healthy we have abundant Qi, and it is flows smoothly throughout our internal organs and meridians.

When the Qi becomes deficient or stagnant, we will not feel our best, and we can begin to experience physical health issues.

The idea is simple…

When we encourage the Qi to flow smoothly and abundantly and we will be physically, mentally, and spiritually health!

Of course the next question is…

…how to I encourage my Qi to move smoothly?

Well, a simple Qigong practice like this can help 🙂

Practice Daily for Best Results

You can practice this simple Qigong routine daily and you will notice that your energy and Spirit will feel bright and vibrant, and most importantly you will…

…learn how to help yourself through deep breathing, gentle movements, and positive mental attention.

So practice daily, and I am sure you will feel some benefit in a short time!

If you noticed there hasn’t been as many Youtube videos lately, it is because we have been working on and releasing a new program called “Full Body Flow.”

We are learning about:

  • the 14 meridians and systems
  • in most important acupuncture points for Qigong practice
  • how the systems and elements are connected
  • what are the most common causes of imbalances
  • Qigong practice instructions for beginners and those with experience
  • and a full routine for each system

…so there has been plenty of new content in the Communi-Qi!

(this is included with ALL of our other Qigong videos, live Qi Chats, and programs!)

Visit this page for other free Qigong videos: https://www.qigongforvitality.com/category/daily-qigong-routines/

If you are interested in practicing and learning more about Qigong, please come join the Communi-Qi, I am sure it will be helpful!