Cultivating Peacefulness and Metta through Qigong: A Simple Practice for Positive Energy

In today’s busy world, where stress and negativity often dominate our lives, finding ways to cultivate inner peace and spread positive energy is more important than ever.
In this video we’ll explore a simple Qigong routine that can help you create a profound sense of peacefulness and metta (loving-kindness) within yourself and radiate it out to the world.
Join us on this journey towards a more grounded and peaceful existence.

What is Qigong?

Before we delve into the practice, let’s briefly touch upon what Qigong is. Qigong is an ancient wellness practice (based on Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM) that combines:

  • gentle movements
  • breathing exercises
  • mindfulness and affirmative intention

to promote overall well-being and balance.

It’s often referred to as “Qi or energy cultivation,” and it can have a profound impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health. It has been practiced for centuries to help all aspects of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

This Qigong routine consists of three gentle exercises followed by a metta (loving-kindness) practice.


Metta Qigong

Metta, often known as “loving-kindness,” is a concept and practice rooted in Buddhism but found in various traditions. It signifies a deep, unconditional love and goodwill toward all beings.

Imagine that the energy you generate from your Qigong practice filling your heart and mind. Feel it flowing from your palms into the world. Send this warm, loving energy to someone in need, whether it’s a friend, family member, animals, the earth, or even nature itself.

Feel your connection to this feeling of peacefulness and kindness, knowing that it’s limitless!

Metta a simple yet powerful act of spreading positivity and healing energy. As you send love and kindness outwards, remember that it will also return to you, creating a beautiful cycle of positive energy.

This routine includes a few exercises to calm and relax your body and mind, followed by a gentle Metta practice.

Just know, that every little bit of positivity that you generate is beneficial for you and the world around 🙂


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