Release Stress and Tension in 6 Minutes

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and tension have become common companions in our lives. Whether it’s:

  • physical discomfort, aches and pains
  • mental restlessness, agitation, anxiety
  • or emotional strain, overwhelm, and stress …

…finding effective ways to release these burdens is crucial for our well-being.
In this video, we will explore a simple and effective Qigong practice that can help you find balance, serenity, and relief from excessive stress.

Join Jeffrey Chand (that’s me!), acupuncturist, practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong instructor in this simple 6 Minute Qigong Routine!

Setting the Intention:

Before we embark on the Qigong practice, I’d like to mention the importance of setting a clear intention.
By envisioning where we want to go and how we want to feel, we enhance the effectiveness of our practice. Whether it’s feeling peaceful, resilient, or in harmony with everything around us, a strong intention lays the foundation for a transformative Qigong experience.

The Qigong Exercises

The Ready Position and Deep Breathing

To begin, find a comfortable stance and take a moment to ground yourself. With knees slightly bent, assume the ready position. Close your eyes and take three deep, natural breaths, allowing any tension in your body to melt away with each exhale. This simple act of conscious breathing prepares us for the Qigong exercises that follow.

Hold and Release Tension through Clenching the Fists

In this exercise, we focus on releasing physical tension by clenching and releasing our fists. As we breathe in, we bend our elbows, bringing our hands to shoulder level, and clench our fists. With an exhale, we slowly release the fists and let the tension dissipate from our shoulders, neck, and arms. This rhythmic practice allows us to cultivate a deeper sense of relaxation and release in the body.

Parting the Clouds

Next, we practice flowing movements to clear excessive thoughts and tension from the mind. With a wider stance, we bring our hands up the center of our body as we inhale. As we exhale, our hands move outward and around, symbolically releasing any mental and emotional burdens. This exercise promotes mental clarity and helps us let go of tension in the neck, back, shoulders, and legs.

Sweeping the Head and Bai Hui

In this Qigong exercise, we focus on sweeping away mental tension that may linger in our minds. Bring the hands to the eye level, sweep them over the top and back of our head, moving down the neck, and finally releasing the tension into the ground. This gentle sweeping motion serves as an excellent tool to clear excessive thoughts, allowing us to feel more grounded and centered.

Gathering Qi for Inner Peace

The final exercise focuses on gathering Qi, the vital life energy. With hands open, we breathe in, imagining a calm and peaceful sensation entering our body. As we exhale, we send this serene energy deep within ourselves. Through this practice, we infuse every cell of our being with peaceful, gentle, and harmonious energy, leaving us refreshed and revitalized.

Practice Daily 🙂

By incorporating this simple Qigong practice into our daily routine, we empower ourselves to release stress and tension, both physically and mentally.

Setting clear intentions, practicing deep breathing, and engaging in flowing movements all contribute to finding inner harmony.

Remember to listen to your body and let it guide you on your Qigong journey. Experiment with various Qigong styles and forms until you find the ones that resonate with you. If you enjoyed this practice, we invite you to join the Communi-Qi, where you can explore a wide variety of Qigong routines ideal for beginners and those with prior experience!

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Be well, be clear minded, and keep moving forward!