Here is a gentle reminder of the ‘basics of Qigong practice.”

It’s easy to overcomplicate and over-engineer practices such as Qigong, meditation, relaxation, and mind-body medicine…

but at it’s heart – it is simple.

If the beginning of the video seems a bit awkward – it’s because it is!

I accidentally hit the “Go Live” button when fiddling around!

Fortunately, I was relatively set up, as we just finished the monthly live Qi Chat for Communi-Qi members!

Here are some simple Qigong practices:
or https://www.qigongforvitality.com/7-minute-qigong-practice-for-guiding-the-qi-and-feeling-flow/

Or you can always explore the many videos in the Communi-Qi including 30 Days of Qigong and Simple Flow which will take you on a journey that will build and move your qi in all areas!