A very common reason people practice qi gong is because of anxiety and symptoms that accompany it, such as chest tightness and fullness. Some of our most popular qi gong routines in the Communi Qi are for anxiety.

Anxiety affects roughly 18% of the adult population but fewer than 40% of people affected actually seek treatment. I believe anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is better recognized today and people don’t feel as reluctant to discuss it with their doctor but many people still struggle in silence.

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

  • racing, looping thoughts
  • feeling of panic, fear, and uneasiness
  • chest tightness or fullness, palpitations (racing heart)
  • nausea, uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, loss or increased appetite
  • sweating, night sweats, sweaty palms
  • sleep issues

Conventional treatment can offer:

  • medication
  • drugs
  • supplements/vitamins
  • herbs
  • talk therapy
  • exercise
  • diet
  • lifestyle changes

And, it is all helpful!

We need to seek as many sources of help as necessary until we find a “formula” that works for us.

Maybe it will involve a brisk walk, herbal teas, and some qi gong. Or perhaps, we might need to follow a strict sleep schedule, eliminate sugar, take multivitamins, and practice qi gong. There are no rules about what will or won’t work.

I am biased, but I believe qi gong practice (alone or combined with other therapies) is extremely helpful with treating anxiety and the symptoms of anxiety.

The combination of deep breathing, gentle movement, and practicing relaxing the body and mind is ideal for helping us feel calm and peaceful.

Qi gong can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and prevent us from becoming anxious in the first place.

This particular routine is based around the exercise “Circling the Hands” which is an old, classic qi gong movement. If you practice this routine, at first you might notice your anxiety and chest tightness reduce slightly. If you continue to practice you will notice this routine will become more effective. Our body creates “muscle memory” and we teach ourselves to be in a calm and peaceful state.

This short routine can definitely be helpful but we also have a full program called “From A to Z – Anxiety to Zen” which discusses many other “tools” to help reduce, or eliminate anxiety in the Communi Qi.  In the program we also have several full routines that will really help eliminate anxiety from the “root.”

I can comfortably recommend adding qi gong practice to your life if you are affected by anxiety, no matter what the cause. I have seen it benefit many people!

If you get nothing else from this video and article, just remember to keep trying to find your “formula.” The perfect combination is out there, you just have to persist and you will find it 🙂