One of the most common reasons people discover Qigong practice is to help with healing. Here is a very simple routine and approach to help heal body, mind, and spirit.

What is Qigong Healing?

“Healing” can be a tricky word to use. In some cases it could refer to:

  • the natural process of repair and growth
  • recovering from a serious injury
  • healing from a physical, mental, emotional trauma
  • resting and restoring energy
  • a miraculous ‘healing’ that defies conventional thinking
  • etc.

‘Healing’ can be all of this.

In this approach to Qigong, healing refers to maximizing the ‘natural function of the body.’

Our body and mind wants to heal and be full of vitality. We want to be vibrant, energetic, clear and calm mind, with the ability to do everything that we want to do, and connect with our environment.

Every part of our being wants this!

However, sometimes we may lack energy, we may have an underlying condition that is interfering, or we are experiencing too much emotional stress.

If this happens, the body, mind, and Spirit cannot fully heal. This is where Qigong practice can help.

Holding the Qi for Healing

This short Qigong routine is centered around an idea called “Holding.”

This simply means giving time, and attention to an area that needs healing. This could be anywhere in our body, or in our mind.

Perhaps we have weak lung function with difficulty breathing. We can “hold” our lung function in our mind and peacefully place our hands over the area.

Or if we have a sore shoulder, we can breathe, gather the qi, and “hold” the shoulder.

What this does is gently shift our attention to areas that need healing energy. It encourages healthy qi and blood circulation around the area, and gives ‘space’ for the body to perform its natural function of healing.

If our body has the energy, it can send all the resources to repair, restore, and revitalize. If it’s possible for an area to heal, this simple practice can help.

It must be said that this should not be thought of as a replacement for medical treatment for any condition. Rather, this is a complement to a well rounded approach to wellness.

Yes, it is very simple – and it is also instinctive. We already do this. When we hurt ourselves, we will ‘hold’ the painful part. This is an intentional extension of that practice ?

If you are looking for other supportive practices you can explore:

Qigong for Releasing Internal Resistance – wonderful for allowing healing
Qigong for Healing Discussion – a video where we discuss why Qigong could be helpful
Qigong for a Calm and Clear Mind – a simple daily practice

We also have many full Qigong practices in the Communi Qi that are very helpful for healing. Some of our popular routines are:

Sending the Light – a refreshing healing practice
Inner Glow – a slow and gentle practice
And of course the 30 Days of Qigong in the Communi Qi which will take you on a journey that will help with healing in all areas!

Be well, be happy, and keep your qi moving smoothly!