Throughout our lives, we are often trying to make changes. Sometimes we are trying to add something positive to our life, other times we are trying to eliminate a habit, or behaviour.

When we are making changes it can be very natural and easy – other times it can be challenging.

We may notice that we ‘resist’ change.

This can manifest as:

  • chest tightness
  • heaviness in the stomach
  • constriction in the throat
  • fullness in the lungs
  • tension in the muscles
  • qi stagnation or lack of circulation

In Qigong we can refer to this as ‘internal resistance.’

It’s as if we are trying to do something, but there is a feeling within the body or mind that stops us from taking positive action. We felt ‘held back’ or as if we are holding on to something that is preventing us from moving forward.

This is particularly common when we set health and wellness goals, New Years resolutions, or we are trying to make big changes – we have become accustomed to being a certain way and our body, mind, and subconscious resists the change.

This can manifest as discomfort in the body – but fortunately Qigong can help!

This short Qigong routine is centered around an exercise called “Open to the Horizons.” It goes by other names, and there are similar practices. The key to using this exercise to help resolve internal resistance is the intention.

Intention is always important in Qigong practice, but the it’s particularly useful in this practice. We need to have the clear intention to “let go of any resistance” while moving gently, and breathing naturally.

This idea is part of a bigger concept in Qigong that can help empower ourselves to make positive changes in our life.

Practice this routine once a day, and I am sure you will notice your ‘internal resistance’ dissolving and it will be easier to take all the actions that will serve your highest needs!

If you are looking for other supportive practices you can try:

Qigong for a Calm and Clear Mind – great for gaining mental clarity

Gathering the Qi – wonderful for increasing root energy

We also have Cleansing the Bai Hui in the Communi Qi – which is wonderful for aligning thoughts and actions with our qi

Or you can always explore the 30 Days of Qigong in the Communi Qi which will take you on a journey that will build and move your qi in all areas!

Be well, be clear minded, and keep moving forward!